Ignite Your Power!

Ignite Your Power is an online one on one coaching program with Founder & Empowerment Coach, Juniper Soulfire. This super exciting program is designed to provide you with the support you need to dive deep into your soul's Divine purpose and manifest your dreams through powerful mindset practices, self love, empowerment and ecstatic living! 

Juniper has studied under some of the leading success and manifestation mentors in the industry and achieved incredible results in her own life at a young age. She is quickly being recognized as an expert in her field and is truly passionate about sharing her knowledge with others who are ready to own their power and fulfill their unique calling! 

Using her signature 5 step process and incredible intuitive abilities, Juniper will help you get crystal clear about what your soul is here to accomplish, what is holding you back from fulfilling your purpose and what steps need to be taken in order to achieve your goals. 

As an artist and fire dancer, Juniper is a firm believer in the importance of having fun throughout this process and has designed this course with that in mind! She incorporates different creative techniques to keep you excited and uplifted throughout your soul discovery journey! After all, we are here to enjoy life and spiritual growth is no exception!