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Ignite Your Power Mentorship Program


Ignite Your Power  is a deeply customized one on one women's mentorship program designed to empower you to transform yourself so you can create the life you truly desire!

This is achieved through life changing self discovery practices which teach you how to live in alignment with your authentic truth. 

As you learn these powerful techniques you will begin to experience internal shifts which allow you to free yourself from the constant stress of day to day life.

You will be given the tools and support to show up for yourself in a healthy way that benefits you AND your loved ones! 

After all, a better you is better for everyone! 

Imagine what you can achieve if you spent just a couple hours a week focused on your personal growth.... 

Now take that image of yourself and imagine if you had a proven system that would amplify and accelerate your results for the rest of your life!

Now, imagine if you also had support from someone who has been through this same process and understands the unique challenges that come with personal transformation.

That’s where I come in. 

Trust me, I’ve been there. *Sigh*

I’ve been through a divorce, healed from trauma, chronic lyme disease as well as severe anxiety/depression and also overcame some pretty tough addictions. 

How did I do it?

Well, one day I woke up and realized I had a choice.

I could choose to continue using the same broken system that had got me to where I was, waiting for some hero to come rescue me.


I could be MY OWN hero!

I think you can probably figure out for yourself which choice I made....

And now, here you are, faced with a choice as well.

And what you choose is completely up to you, but just remember this... 

You are the MOST important person in your life and you are the ONLY one with the power to change it! 

This is YOUR time to shine!  

And I’m here for you, because I know what it’s like to feel stifled, trapped, powerless and afraid! But I know, with the right tools and support you are capable of turning it all around, and I want to see you THRIVE! 

Because afterall, TOGETHER WE RISE!

I love you,


More About Juniper


Juniper is an intuitive empath and has studied under some of the leading success and manifestation mentors in the industry. She has achieved incredible results in her own life at a young age and is quickly being recognized as an expert in her field. 

She is incredibly passionate about sharing her knowledge and support with others who are ready to own their power and heal themselves so they can fulfill their true soul’s purpose!

Using her multitude of skills and psychic abilities, Juniper will help you get crystal clear about what your soul is here to accomplish, what is holding you back from fulfilling your calling and what steps need to be taken in order to achieve your goals.

Juniper is a firm believer in the importance of having fun throughout this process and designs all her offerings with this in mind! 

She incorporates different creative techniques and life hacks to keep you excited and uplifted throughout your journey of self-discovery!